If you are unhappy about something in your life (for example you do not know how to deal with something or someone…), it is a signal that your life can be much better once you solve this.

For example, if you were fine with something up to a certain point but now it is no more enough, it’s a completely normal situation: the life around us, the people around us and even us continue to evolve. However, we need to solve this and find a solution, in which we will be happy again.

I believe that it does not matter who has what type of problem: what counts is how we respond to these situations. Are we going to blame the others for our failures or are we ready to assume a responsibility for our situation and do whatever is necessary to fix it?

How I work:

Firstly, we need to find where exactly you are stuck and what you need to solve. (This might not be obvious at first sight, as for exemple personal problems may look as professional ones and the other way round.) Therefore, you do not need to worry, if you do not know where to start. Also, to some people it simply takes time to start talking about themselves: so just take it easy and focus on what is troubling you the most.

Only in the second step you will name a problem that you want to solve and on which we will focus in the next weeks. I will help you orientate yourself better in your situation, search for connections, understand your contradictory thoughts and feelings, as well as revise your own values and priorities: this all is necessary for going through your change as smoothly as possible. You will see that progressively you will start distinguishing yourself the right steps in order to move on in this area of your life.

My objective is also to teach you to work on yourself with respect to who you are you and to the experience you have made so far (despite you may not feel happy about it). At the same time, I will encourage you in awakening in yourself a fresh drive and curiosity for how to get where you want to be. I believe that one day you will be very proud of yourself, for all the steps you have undertaken.

My rates:

I apply contractual rates that you can consult here.

Topics I have been treating the most:

  • Searching for a life-partner / difficulties to start a family
  • Lack of motivation / tiredness at work
  • Relations between life-partners: we want more than just living next to each other / challenges of a new life phase / mutual respect / jealousy
  • Relations to small children (lack of authority, not assuming responsibility)
  • Dealing with fears / insecurity / sadness / indecisiveness
  • Relations between parents and adult children
  • Overreacting in certain situations
  • Looking forward after an unpleasant experience?
  • My parent is dying / loosing someone close.


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