Mediation is a method to resolve legal conflicts in a friendly way, out of court, with a help of a third — neutral and independent — professional (mediator). The mediator will help you assume responsibility for your conflict and solve it in a mutually satisfactory manner. Everything expressed during this process is strictly confidential.

Why some people succeed and others do not in the mediation process: I believe that this is linked to the fact that a successful mediation goes hand it hand with the personal development of its participants. Therefore, I do not see a mediation as a mere tool for improving the communication.

If you let me guide you, I will accompany you from the current state of your conflict to the point in which you will be able to discuss possible solutions together and opt for those that will convene you both the most.

How I work:

Information session: This session is free of charge. Its purpose is to make sure that you understand the principles of the mediation process. I will also assess how mediation can help you in your specific situation. The information session can be done for each person separately or you come directly together. This choice is entirely on you.

Mediation sessions: Once both of you agreed to the rules of the mediation processes, we will start working together on your situation. First of all, my aim is to understand perspectives of each of you and make sure what your misunderstanding is exactly about. Only then we start putting your views together and search for viable solutions. You will see that it feels good to be heard and respected. By looking at your situation from different angles you will be able to decide for yourself what is the right way to proceed.

Individual sessions: Depending on the state of your conflict, I might propose one or several individual sessions with each of you: either at the very beginning of our cooperation or later during the mediation process. My aim is to let you express things that you do not want to express in front of the other person but it is very important to express them, if you want to go through the conflict efficiently. It may also be useful to work on your functional attitude towards your situation and towards the mediation process.

My rates:

I apply contractual rates that you can consult here.

My mediation trainings:

  • Mediation und Mediative Kommunikation (Institut für Mediative Kommunikation und Diversity-Kompetenz, Berlin, Germany)
  • Inter-Enterprise Mediation (Centre de Médiation et d’Arbitrage de Paris, France)
  • Master of Mediation (University of Luxembourg)

I am a mediator for civil and commercial matters authorised by the Ministry of Justice of the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.


Contact me for an appointment. I am looking forward to meeting you.

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