About me

  1. I am a life-coach and mediator, a wife and mum of two children. I live my life to the fullest, so that everything in it makes sense to me, both concerning my everyday life and my professional direction.
  2. Through my work I help people work with their own dissatisfaction and desires: I help them clarify what they need in that very point of their life and go through this change successfully. I also encourage them in general not to be afraid to face their problems and conflicts, otherwise they only prolong their own suffering.
  3. I come from Slovakia, a nation full of emotions, for which the closeness and warmth in relationships is very important. We are very close to the Czechs, sharing with them an important part of our history, a nation that has always searched for a way forward in a non-violent way.
  4. I live in Luxembourg that has initially caught my interest with its natural beauty. More and more it is very interesting for me for its open and non-violent culture, and it is also historically connected with the old Czech kingdom.
  5. I am a lawyer by my original profession thanks to which I have a highly developed analytical thinking, sense for a detail and working with deadlines. It has also made me understand that the law can serve the real needs of the society only if its acts and contracts make sense — they are clear and balanced —, otherwise it will only contribute to chaos and misuse of power.
  6. I have always kept working on myself. In my childhood I spent most of my free time playing the piano, until I decided to study law and management. Over the years, next to pursuing my profession, I have invested myself (since 15 years) in personal development: work on myself and life-coaching. Finally, step by step, I have also professionally switched to mediation (resolving conflicts out-of-court) because it naturally connects my legal background — with a focus on creating sense-making agreements — and my genuine interest in studying cooperation and inter-personal relationships.
  7. If you wonder why my site is called erz.lu: E for Eva, R for Rohde, Z for Žlnayová (my maiden name). In addition, I like to think of “Erz” as of a metaphor to my work: In the nature, an “Erz“ (in German language, meaning an “ore” in English) is a rock containing many valuable elements, mostly metals. In order to get to these metals and use these metals in practical life, the ore needs to be extracted from the earth and then further refined and processed. When I speak with people about what they are solving in their life, we go together through lots of details until we find a gold mine of information. If the person processes and uses it well in his life, he really achieves what he needs and that is really great.