Workshops and mentoring

Practical life philosophy workshops Principy života® (Principles of Life)

This is a unique programme that will help you find a balance in all important areas of your life. The aim is to stay practical and connected to our everyday life. That is why in the workshops everybody focuses on his/her own situations and works on improving the quality of his/her life. At the same time, we all support each other on our ways to strengthen our personalities and re-build our lives according to our real values and desires.

The program consists of 14 workshops combining theory and practical coaching exercises.

You can follow some of them or all of them: you just need to respect the given chronological order: 1, 2, 3, … In my opinion, already the first three workshops give you a very good idea about the principles supporting good relations, respectful cooperation and how to work steadily on our dreams.

Between the workshops, it is recommended to do a 2-3 month break in order to digest the new information and integrate it into the daily life. The dates of the following workshops are agreed together by the participants.

If you study the programme together with your partner, friends, other family members (as of 18 years old)… you will get a unique chance to get to know each other even better and a unique tool how to support each other even better in following the dreams of each of you.

Next session(s):

Friday 26 - Sunday 28 November 2021: Workshop No 1: Being the Master of Our Life

3 days workshop, 9:00 — 17:00 In my premises in Contern (due to the sanitary measures, it may take place partially online)

If I am not happy with something in my life, I need to take the initiative into my hands. I cannot rely that someone solves it for me, even if the other one seem really willing. On the other hand, once I assume responsibility for my situation, I will gain lots of freedom to get where I really want to go.

Registrations are open, please contact me by email.

For Couples Who Want — 6 weeks online course

Our life-partner is one of the closest persons in our life. Together we create our home and give a solid basis for our family. If we stop being at ease in the communication with each other, it is a signal that we can do much more for feeling good together. A good news is that not every miscommunication is a big problem. We just need to start investing much more in being together and trying to understand each other, so that we can have a real respect for each other and evolve in our relationship.

The next session starts on 17 December 2021. In this unique moment of the year we will use its ending to evaluate the current state of our relationship and end what we want to end with this old year. And we will use the beginning of the new year for what we want to focus on together — how we want to support each other and create for us a happier home together.

If you wish more information about the course, please continue reading here.

Empowerment workshops for teams

If you are an enterprise and need to increase the general well-being of your team, enhance cooperation among the colleagues and decrease unhealthy competition, tensions or jealousy, please contact me for an information meeting. On the basis of your needs I will prepare for you a tailor made offer.

Price of my workshops: Unless otherwise agreed, I apply contractual rates stated in my current price list.